Strength Through Partnership


Released on 12 April 2018

Whilst Mark Zuckerberg may be in the hot seat this week in front of the America’s politicians and the world’s media, I wonder whether really what is under scrutiny is society’s behaviour as a whole.  The openness and accessibility that the internet provides, whilst may appear free, comes with a cost.

I have often said that I would far rather pay an annual subscription to use sites like Facebook and it is interesting to see the founder this week hinting that that may be a way forward.  My fear is that the profits from that business model will not compete with the value of the dark arts and personal data sharing.

I am regularly astonished at the content that friends share on such sites, ie, polling cards, passports, apps that countdown the days to someone’s holiday and therefore the emptiness of their house for unwanted visitors.  Perhaps the best we can hope for from politicians who little understand the complexities and potential of technology is to be reminded of our own responsibility within this.