Strength Through Partnership

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Clouds on the horizon

Whilst the heightened threat of terrorism has sadly been a necessary issue in this election, perhaps an even greater threat to our way of life, has …

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Care to change?

As the political parties unveil their manifestos in an attempt to resonate with voters ahead of a milestone General Election, health and social care are higher …

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Putting the heart back into the NHS

A great deal of column inches, tweets and documentaries abound at present about the lack of NHS funding. You will probably be pleased to hear that I am not intending to add to that. Whilst I have always believed that the NHS needs more funding, I think more fundamental is a joined up partnership approach.

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Up and away the Kite Trust is launched

A project that I have been involved with in a voluntary capacity, over the last 6 months, has been the refreshing of the brand of an LGBT+ youth charity that I am a Trustee of.

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Great St Mary’s

Building on its previous work of community development GSM has continued to identify and maximise opportunities to tell its story to resonate with its contemporary audience.

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Bishops’ Move

Where does morality sit in the world of politics? Can you find ethics in the Council Chamber as well as the Nave?

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