Strength Through Partnership

Linked In or Out

Released on 15 March 2018

With the hashtags calling out gender and inequality across social media and the red carpets, driving the investigations of multiple corporations  and organisations choosing to examine their own practice, it is a timely reminder that prejudice in the workplace can take many forms. Indeed it can be be expressed in many and increasingly subtle, but damaging ways.

I was pleased this week to join an exciting new presence on the Cambridge business community scene, in the form of LGBT+ Cambridge Professional Network   I look forward to seeing how this emerging group of diverse professionals can bring mutual support and positive best practice to the Cambridge business community and beyond.  If you would like to know more, or indeed join one of the upcoming events see the link above.

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"Ed's understanding and ability to navigate complex decision-making systems and procedures in order to influence outcomes, along with his talent for working across organisational boundaries makes him an outstanding leader in his field."

Tracy Mann

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