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The Cambridge Conversations

Released on 12 August 2015

Cearns & Co took an integral role in driving the ‘Cambridge Conversations’ initiative.  A forum for people who operate outside the traditional political arena to have a voice.


Using event management experience to provide a better organisational structure to the scheme and facilitating a workshop to open up discussion, Ed Cearns quickly became a key contributor.


The Ten Sofas Ten Minutes project was born out of the third Cambridge Conversation where it was considered important to widen the conversation out and to give a voice to the people of Cambridgeshire.  By taking the conversation about the sort of society we would like to live in out onto the streets and include as many voices as possible was a way to feed into the Cambridge Conversations phenomenon.



“Cearns & Co. offers an unusual combination of sound experience, specialist knowledge and lateral thinking to solve problems and meet objectives. I have had the pleasure of seeing this in action while working with Ed on initiatives such as Cambridge Conversations, an innovative forum to bring together diverse views and promote resilience.”

Jenny Kartupelis, MBE MPhil


“It was great to have Ed as the Executive Officer for round 2 of the Cambridge Conversation; a ground-breaking sub-regional initiative bringing together a wide range of stake-holders to shape the society of the future. Ed’s character, skillset, contacts and knowledge all contributed to a great outcome.”

Right Reverend Dr. David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon

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"Ed's understanding and ability to navigate complex decision-making systems and procedures in order to influence outcomes, along with his talent for working across organisational boundaries makes him an outstanding leader in his field."

Tracy Mann

Freelance Consultant