Strength Through Partnership

Boot Camp Cambridge

Released on 15 April 2011

“Boot Camp Cambridge” Marketing Campaign



“My relationship with Edward started when I took him on as client. On realising that we were both launching our own businesses, he inspired and encouraged me to harness the power of media advertising.


Consequently I launched a powerful personal training campaign, promoting myself more effectively. This resulted in an influx of new potential clients and better retention strategy for existing clients. In addition to this Edward facilitated a new partnership.

He recognised my strengths as an ex Para Trooper and with that my unique life experiences: myself and a colleague formed “The Bootcamp”, an innovative fitness venture in Cambridge. We are currently sold out!


I feel that meeting Edward has smoothed over the frightening transition from being an employed worker to a self-employed, highly motivated business man. 


I now take pride in being an entrepreneur, branching out into a bigger venture and with Edward’s continuing support and advice, setting up ‘Concept Physical Training Solutions’, an independent fitness suite bringing the best of modern training techniques to Cambridge.  Coupled with an in house osteopath and sport specific therapist we pride ourselves in being elite.


Edward’s marketing strategy and advice was second to none and I owe my success to this.”



Ben Simons

Advanced Personal Trainer

Managing Director.



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